H5Build Overview

H5Write and H5Build are two online applications used to create and author H5Engines.

H5Engines are powered by HTML5Alive® technology. HTML5Alive® is a development framework that enables the rapid, efficient creation of interactive and animated content.

H5Build is an online application for building complete interactive experiences with animation, including but not limited to games. H5Build animation is most efficient and effective when Adobe Illustrator is used to create and edit the SVG assets.

For more information, see the following Tutorials

Welcome to HTML5Alive

The Menu Bar

Introductions to Modules

Targeting Objects

Transform Origin

Creating SVGs: Parent/Child Relationships

Creating SVGs: Transform SVG file preparation

Creating SVGs: Morph SVG file preparation

Distribute: Rows

Distribute: Columns

Distribute: Rectangular fill random

Distribute: Circular edge arc

Distribute: Circular edge fit

Distribute: Circular edge random

Distribute: Circular fill random

Distribute: Bake Transform

Animate: The Timeline

Animate: Connecting

Embedded or Branched Timeline Items

Animate: Stagger

Animate: Easing

Creating SVGs: Tools, Naming and Saving

Animate: Tween

Animate: Tween Audio

Animate: Location x/y

Animate: Location x/y Percent

Animate: SkewX/Y

Animate: ScaleX/Y

Animate: Rotation

Animate: Opacity

Animate: Auto Alpha

Animate: Fill Color

Animate: Stroke

Animate: Draw SVG

Animate: Transform SVG

Animate: Morph SVG

Animate: Visibility

Animate: Along a Curve

Animate: Along a Path

Animate: Repeat

Animate: Transform Origin

Animate: Code

Animate: Actions

Animated Characters

Animate: Master/Aliases

Animate: Sub-Timelines

Animate: Arguments


Animate: Color Management

The Library