Can I add animation to my game?

Two online applications comprise our H5Engines development platform.

  1. H5Write:

H5Write is primarily a convenient input portal for content creators. Users will take an existing template and write the content directly into the template. The game and individual questions are customized to create a wide variety of gameplay and design options.

This application is currently available with an extensive library of templates.

  1. H5Build:

H5Build is primarily for designers, animators, and developers. Users can create custom games, animations, and graphics. All aspects of the game, including the engine, can be made from scratch or modified from existing game engines and templates.

This component is currently available by request. We have an onboarding process involving online demos and webinars to facilitate our users becoming competent with H5Build quickly. We need to manage our beta-test group’s size and experience level to support their development with H5Build effectively.